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good food for the 'burgh

Covid-19 has increased the problem of food security and a majority of people are deprived of food, meanwhile putting our local restaurants at risk.

It starts with the "Will to Make a Difference"

Our Mission

Food for Good provides food and meals to Pittsburgh based individuals and communities who face food insecurity, including those in disadvantaged communities. This service includes cooperation with restaurants and other food establishments and providers to provide them a source of income while preparing food for those in need.


Our Goals

  • To provide meals to underserved persons and communities, including those with special needs, disabilities and/or at-risk behaviors;

  • To provide restaurants and/or other food establishments and providers with funds to operate and to continue providing essential services;

  • To sponsor, host and/or participate in events and activities that end food insecurity.

  • 100% of funds collected are used to pay restaurants for the preparation of meals for those in need, we have no staff or other overhead

Restaurant partners

Meals served each month

Events organized
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Community kitchens

Our Restaurant partners

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Our community kitchen partners

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